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No more songs here

2015-03-12 23:56:15 by D-Lyte12

Hey guys, I have a good news and bad news..

The bad news is I won't publish my songs here anymore, theres alot of reason why I don't do that..

The good news is all new songs goes to my Soundcloud and Futura Records 2015.

My soundcloud : soundcloud.com/zerofreak

Futura Records : soundcloud.com/futura-records

I won't active this account anymore so thank you and bye! see you there! ^_^

Yay remix!

2014-04-21 00:00:00 by D-Lyte12

Hello guys, "ZXF12 - Skywires" is available to remix. Its not a contest, but I just give out this songs for anyone who want to remix it. You can download from these links :

3rd Party Plugin User + FL STUDIO

Non-3rd Party Plugin User

If you don't like this songs, just wait for next month.

Next target to get remix :
ZXF12 - Lets start the game [Stems only] 174BPM
ZXF12 - Lick my music [Stems only] 125BPM
ZXF12 - Rainbow [Stems only] 130BPM

Note: For non-3rd party plugin user, pm me for the bassdrum and stuff for optional.

What's News?

2014-03-16 03:01:37 by D-Lyte12

Sorry guys, I haven't make a new posts for a long time.. cuz i'm busy making another project that i wanted to do, video, drawing, music, blablabla.. well it doesn't matter.

This month I was collabrating with someone else in making of dubstep.. his name is.. uh you never heard him before because he is newbie.. I also teach him in making of dubstep. The title of the song is.. we haven't named it yet, hehe

Also, can someone promote my songs please? I be appreciated if any volunteers helps me out. You can free to use my songs, no need to asks me! :3

The last one I wanted to says is.. THANK YOU!! for making one of my songs got most played in all time best.. The songs kinda old but it still fresh!


Once again, Thank you for who ever like my songs so much! ^_^

Happy New Year!

2014-01-01 01:48:33 by D-Lyte12

Happy New Year Guys! Say Hello to 2014!!

l'll try to make my songs better and awesome.. wish luck for me! :3

Its here!

2013-12-11 06:15:04 by D-Lyte12

"When the Crystal Rains" has been released! Unfortunately, "Lost Winter" is no longer existed and never release. I release one songs this month, okay? :P

Incoming 2 Beautiful Songs.

2013-12-06 20:11:16 by D-Lyte12

This December, I've created 2 songs named "Lost Winter" and "When the Crystal Rain".

One of them are finished and one of them are not.. and I will put one of them on soundcloud and 2 of them on newgrounds.. hahaha..

Name : When the Crystal Rain

Release Date : 11.December.2013

Name : Lost Winter

Release Date : Unknown

6 Incomplete Song

2013-11-22 22:45:39 by D-Lyte12

Hello my fans, I recently make a new song but i haven't finish it yet.. So you can free to listen it. Tell me which part you like and I will do it. c:Click here to download/listen

Tracklist : 1. Let's Start the Game [Completed]

2. Unknown [Deleted]

3. The Section [Completed]

4. Unknown [Deleted]

5. Lost Winter [WIP]

6. When the Crystal Rain [WIP]


2012-08-27 04:37:51 by D-Lyte12

I made an account on soundcloud, just now...

Sorry for the same leads but this is my last project of Bass Record...
I really don't have any ideas to make musics...
Well, The News is...
Bass Attack (Tune Up) will be deleted,
New World will be publish on 31.December.2011 (UTC+08.00) 7.00pm

Well i need them... cuz i want to...
I don't want to make my music with the same lead and same synth... its totally boring...
my last project of my same lead, synth and FX is "New World" which it is not released yet... before i release that my last version i need a new one... (based on the title)
I don't want to download Nexus Plugin because the file is too big - 3+ GB... My hard drive is almost full so i don't want it... Don't tell me why....
So thats its... I'll try to find on youtube which have a new lead, synth and FX Plugin... =)

P.S. Im trying to do Trance Record 2011 and Bass Record 2011 will be end on Next year... Im not sure yet...