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Bass Record 2011

2011-09-10 06:56:27 by D-Lyte12

I've Decided to make a new Record...
Its a Bass one...
And I hope you like it!
Coming Soon for some New songs!

FL Studio are back!!

2011-07-31 12:31:06 by D-Lyte12

Finally i got FL-Studio 10 Full Version!!
And the bad news is... My Fl-Studio 10 said monomate plugin cannot found... too bad... I reinstalled back but its still not working... so i use my NI Massive as Alternative Monomate... The sound weird o.O

FL Studio Problem

2011-07-25 00:49:38 by D-Lyte12

Im sorry, I have problem with FL Studio after i backed up all my files...
My FL Studio 9 Install was missing... and when i download back FL Studio... Its goes to 10 :c
When i installed back my plugin system its says not found.... thats sucks...
So, I have to try Install FL-Studio 10 Full version.... I have now FL-Studio 10 Demo :c

Hello Guys!

2010-12-31 09:54:10 by D-Lyte12

Hey guys im ZXF12 from beatbox beta! :D
What? Song?
Aww... srry guys i don't have any idea for that beat
anndd.... i did make my new song with melody that i created from FL-Studio 9... Started 18.november.2010...
Edited : now i can post the music because it is low MB now!!