What's News?

2014-03-16 03:01:37 by D-Lyte12

Sorry guys, I haven't make a new posts for a long time.. cuz i'm busy making another project that i wanted to do, video, drawing, music, blablabla.. well it doesn't matter.

This month I was collabrating with someone else in making of dubstep.. his name is.. uh you never heard him before because he is newbie.. I also teach him in making of dubstep. The title of the song is.. we haven't named it yet, hehe

Also, can someone promote my songs please? I be appreciated if any volunteers helps me out. You can free to use my songs, no need to asks me! :3

The last one I wanted to says is.. THANK YOU!! for making one of my songs got most played in all time best.. The songs kinda old but it still fresh!


Once again, Thank you for who ever like my songs so much! ^_^


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2014-03-16 03:58:57

I like your very much

D-Lyte12 responds:

Thank you! :3