Yay remix!

2014-04-21 00:00:00 by D-Lyte12

Hello guys, "ZXF12 - Skywires" is available to remix. Its not a contest, but I just give out this songs for anyone who want to remix it. You can download from these links :

3rd Party Plugin User + FL STUDIO

Non-3rd Party Plugin User

If you don't like this songs, just wait for next month.

Next target to get remix :
ZXF12 - Lets start the game [Stems only] 174BPM
ZXF12 - Lick my music [Stems only] 125BPM
ZXF12 - Rainbow [Stems only] 130BPM

Note: For non-3rd party plugin user, pm me for the bassdrum and stuff for optional.


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